Underwear exposing you to EDC & microplastics ?

“She's been working in the sustainable fashion space for over 20 years and I couldn't wrap my mind around some of the things she's found through her intuitive + scientific research”

Well this is how her post started.

This not an unusual reaction from anyone who hears why I started Maayu

However  her Story telling was an eyeopener.

I happened to have a chance meeting with Srishti & Shubham.

We had varied conversations in those couple of initial hours together. She shared about her journey as an entrepreneur  & I shared mine.

I did not realise the impact on her  nor the impact of social media until our instagarm page was loved instantly by Shristi’s sharing.

She took the trouble documenting Why Maayu exists & shared it with her community of over 70k followers.


She showed me the incredible power of a community.

Below are screenshots of Srishti’s insta stories as she has so beautifully penned it down.


Please read through why its important to keep your environment synthetic free. Clothes happen to be our 1st immediate environment Specially intimate clothes.

She showed me how important it was to share the reason for Why Maayu exists & How its important for everyone to know and  How it is my job to educate & why I should keep doing it often.


Big Shoutout to Srishti Tehri



Some links







Some links to Learn more about Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) & Microplastics




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