• Purpose

    A healthy you & a healthy planet are intimately connected.

  • Vision

    Building a world for well-being of people and planet to thrive together.

  • Mission

    Change mindsets - One caring underwear at the time.

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  • Health & well-being of people & planet.

    0% Chemical Dyes! 0% Spandex! 0% Synthetic Fibre! Our products are specifically designed for well-being eliminating any carcinogenic dyes to be in contact with our intimates. We believe if it's good for the planet then it's good for people. Human lives are connected with and dependent on all aspects of our environment, so it's important that we take care of it, in order to also take care of ourselves.

  • Environment-friendly Choices

    Our materials are unbleached, undyed, unprocessed because we believe in being minimal. The cotton we use is either 100% certified organic or handmade and indigenous. This ensures a very low footprint and keeps our products truly pure & natural. If we use colours, we strictly use only natural dyes.

  • Artisanal & Community Impact

    Every Maayu product is special because of the people behind it, whether they are handloom artisans, indigenous cotton farmers, or working at a fair trade factory. Using handmade fabrics or crochet elements made by artists of Goa are some ways in which we add magic to our underwear.

  • Grow More Green

    We Grow Trees! Why? Because we all should. Humans are always consuming and have depleted the green cover as a result. We at Maayu are conscious of using resources for the products, even though it's minimal. We plant trees because we love them and literally can't live without them. Our aim is to grow a forest!

  • Reused Packaging & Low-Waste Generation

    We do not do any unnecessary packaging. Our aim is to go packaging-free eventually! Currently, we are collecting empty packages that come to our office and homes and reusing and repurposing them to ship our products.

  • Fun Work Culture

    We are building a business with a soul out of a small village in Goa. Our team work towards a common cause and have fun while at it. We co-share a workspace with Okapi Vegan Kitchen, eat healthy, locally-sourced vegan food, make compost, stay involved & engaged with the local community and laugh a lot among many other things.

Why the name “Maayu"?

Well, Maayu stands for Maa + you."Maa" means mother in hindi and many other languages in India. Maayu embodies the qualities of motherhood - Love, protection, care, comfort & strength. Maayu means a safe space, where one is fully protected & comfortable. Maayu cares. Maayu comforts. Maayu protects.

Maayu is good health. Maayu is strength. Maayu is a mindset. Maayu as a product and as a brand will always say the same thing - "I am here. I care."

The Origin Story:

The seeds for Maayu were sown years ago, when our founder Sonal found out that her then teenage daughter, Mahi is on the onset of PCOD. When the gynaecologist confirmed that it is a common problem faced by young girls & women today, she started looking for answers and the journey to what eventually became “Maayu” began! Sonal had been working to remove toxins from the clothing & fashion industry & was well aware of the chemicals that are used in the textile industry & the harm it caused to our planet & human health. Her attention was drawn to the underwear industry and she figured how synthetic fabrics are very commonly used in undergarments today. The use of spandex/elastane that increases stretchability are often considered a highlight. But at Maayu we have taken up the challenge to make spandex-free, polyester-free, chemical-dye free undergarments! We are here to make intimatewear truly breathable!

Our Products:

We bring the cleanest undergarments & essentials to your wardrobe! Zero chemical dyes. Zero synthetic fibre. Zero spandex, 100% Organic Cotton. All our panties are made out of certified organic cotton - unbleached and undyed. Our kora boxers are handwoven using indigenous organic cotton. Maayu products are specifically designed for wellbeing, using minimal resources. Maayu products are unbleached & undyed eliminating all kinds of carcinogenic dyes to be in contact with our intimates. We kept cotton in its purest form possible keeping it healthiest for both people and the planet. We will introduce medicinally rich naturally dyed intimates, in the near future! Do look out for those.